Adventure Time Print

Adventure Time Print

For my nephews 9th birthday I drew him this Adventure Time image. It started off just having Fin, Jake and Beemo on it, but as I got going I was having so much fun I decided to add in the rest of the characters! Also, I recently bought my friends old Cintiq off of him, which is a computer monitor that you can draw directly onto, and I used this as a chance to test it out! So this image was my first every print created completely digitally.

Here is a pic of me drawing on the cintiq.


I was waiting until after my nephews birthday before posting it online – I guess I was worried he would somehow see it, although being nine years-old he doesn’t seem to spend too much time on Facebook :S But alas it is up and available to buy as a print!!

You can order it online from my Etsy shop here.

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