A comics anthology linking web-comics and print. Edited by myself and Elliot Baggott.

dotComics was my first attempt at editing. The book was conceived and produced by Eliot Baggott and myself. We said ‘let’s work on something!’ then got together and started brainstorming and this was the result.

With there being so many web-comics online, it is hard to know where to start – especially for people who don’t usually read web-comics. So we thought we could compile a collection of our favourite ones and include the first few pages of them to get people interested and then they could go online and keep reading the stories. We only ended up putting together one issue before other work took up both of our time (as it often does), but we both learned a lot and had heaps of fun bringing it all together!

Here is the back cover of the book with a break down of all its contents.

back cover Final

We were very happy and lucky to have Paul Gravett, David O’Connell, Josceline Fenton and Philippa Rice involved. And the cover was drawn by Eliot, inked by me and coloured by John Riordan.

Lastly, as a very special reveal – we actually had the cover for the second volume of dotComics, which unfortunately never saw the light of day! But I am happy to be able to show the cover here, illustrated by Eliot, inked by me and coloured in by the immensely talented Katriona Chapman.


dotComics is currently in print but unavailable to purchase anywhere! Please get in touch if you are interested in getting a copy.

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