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The Comix Reader is a truly collective comic. It is made up of 24 single page comics from 24 different artists. We all create the book and fund the printing ourselves. Then we take an equal portion of the print run and distribute it all over the world! The whole project is organised and edited by Richard Cowdry – here is how Richard describes the project:

The Comix Reader is a British comics newspaper inspired by the free spirit of 60’s underground comix and early comics newspapers like Comic Cuts and Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday. It presents a unique blend of established talent, new discoveries, outsider art and unsung heroes of the art form. It’s contributors are a rogues gallery of the UK’s funniest, edgiest and weirdest cartoonists.

The duties of keeping the paper going are split between us and we all pitch in helping to distribute and promote the issues! We print up to 9000 copies of each book.

Here is my page from issue 3 (the first issue I was part of).

Submission for The Comix Reader issue 3

Below is my page from issue 4.

Kay's Dream Web

My page from issue 5, written by Steven Walsh.

Submission for The Comix Reader issue 5

And my page from the latest issue #6

Medaglia CR6 WEB

You can order all the different issue of The Comix Reader here.

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