Art Aid Nepal Anthology

I am so honoured to be part of this wonderful anthology raising money to aid the people of Nepal. The book is called ‘Home’ and each artist has interpreted their own meaning of home into different comics and illustrations.

Here is what the editors of the book, Kripa Joshi and Elena Vitagliano, have said about what they are doing:

Art Aid Nepal enables us to use our ability as artists to raise funds. We wanted to do something to help children recover from the trauma that they faced during the earthquake and which resurfaces after every aftershock.

The 7.8 magnitude quake created a lot of destruction and loss of life. Even those who survived were not spared the mental trauma and even months later the aftershocks causes our hearts and minds to tremble. Thousands of adults and children lost their homes and are still displaced. 

The need to help them remains, for their troubles are far from over.

The shaking continues, even months later. There have been nearly 400 aftershocks over 4 magnitudes since the first quake. 

All funds raised from the sale will be used to support education and art therapy workshops for children affected by the tragedy. Art can help to heal and bring simple joy to their otherwise troubled lives. 

With many schools destroyed vast number of children are now studying in makeshift structures at the Temporary Learning Centres. 

In order to fund the book and provide further aid, the editors have started a Kickstarter. Please have a look and if there is anything that you might be able to donate or back, it would go a very long way!

One of the rewards for backing the Kickstarter are the original pages from my contribution to the anthology.


And you can also get a print of a page from One Year Wiser with a quote from Gary Snyder.


This is a great cause! Definitely worth getting at least the PDF for just £5.

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