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Over the past month I have held my Illustrate Your Mantra workshop at The Lakes Comic Art Festival (LICAF), Mind Body Soul Experience and at The Dragon Cafe. Each time has been slightly different but all of them were entirely inspiring! It is amazing to see the different ways people can take the idea of making a One Year Wiser style image and adapt it to suit their own way of illustrating/communicating ideas.

Each workshop began with an intro to myself, my work and most importantly One Year Wiser, which would be the inspiration for the workshop.

Then, using books of quotes, someone in the group would pick one and read it out loud. With that everyone would start using simple small rectangles (or thumbnails) drawn out in pencil on paper to begin designing a page that incorporates the quote and the words.

Here is an example of thumbnails all sketched out from the workshop at LICAF.

2015-10-18 14.41.31

This is definitely the most important stage of the workshop where I really try to encourage and instil the technique of visual planning through the use of thumb nailing out pages before drawing them. At this point I would go around and sit with each person attending the workshop. We would look at what they were planning and see if there were ways to refine the image or perhaps incorporate the text into it visually. Then we would repeat this process a few more times until each person had a collection of different designs with different quotes.

Lastly, if time permitted, everyone would take an A6 watercolour postcard and begin doing a final image of their designs. This is when things got really creative and I would walk people through the process of completing a finished image and they could ask me questions on things like drawing tools, perspective, anatomy, etc.

Here are some examples of finished pieces from the different workshops.

2015-10-18 15.06.21 2015-10-26 15.03.25 2015-10-18 14.58.2612195883_914150635343080_1935768022161954607_n 12108981_914150648676412_6975415333559105183_n


And here are some shots of the workshops in progress.

2015-10-18 14.41.46 2015-10-18 15.05.00 2015-10-18 14.41.01

Lastly, here are some photos for my from the workshop at The Dragon Cafe, taken by their in-house photographer.

1890516_915903365167807_6041216143483610109_o 10464363_915903548501122_1545937767422726956_n 12109181_915903355167808_8595716897237265961_n 12185102_915903488501128_4201762985387783429_o 12186378_915903541834456_4688157688619691073_o

Keep an eye on my website for upcoming events where this workshop will be held and if you would like me to run the workshop at a future event please get in touch on

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