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Festival season for the comics world has come around again! First there was the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair on October 3rd and next is the festival which is becoming the highlight of the year. In its third year now, The Lakes International Comic Art Festival (LICAF) is a weekend full of a wonderful range of events, workshops, talks, signings and book selling.

I attended the festival last year as a punter and was amazed by how intimate the whole event felt. The town of Kendal was taken over by comic artists and fans. It felt like the whole UK comics scene went on vacation together to the Lake District. That could sound like a bizarre holiday, but was a really wonderful experience having all the people at the festival ending up at the same pub at night chatting comics endlessly!

This year I have been asked to attend the festival as a guest and have a number of events on throughout the weekend.

First is my exhibition at White Stuff in Kendal. All throughout the clothing shop there are prints and original pages from One Year Wiser displayed and for sale. All the profits from the exhibition go towards the charity The Bendrigg Trust, which “is a residential activity centre specialising in high quality courses for disabled and disadvantaged people, of any age or ability.”

Here are some photos from the exhibition taken by the people at LICAF.

12036949_721804507964554_8942454057687685438_n 12046992_721804577964547_7421430707967599892_n 12074853_721804491297889_8147355741959013294_n 12079567_721804617964543_5310294264165323285_n 12096365_721804537964551_3546318417594728780_n

I will be signing and sketching in copies of both One Year Wiser books at White Stuff from 2-3pm on Saturday and 12-1pm on Sunday. Click here for directions to the shop.

Second is the fact that I will have a table in the Clock Tower at the festival and will be selling prints, comics, greeting cards and both copies of both editions of One Year Wiser. You can see my position in the photo below. Just as you come in the door on the 1st floor look to you left and there I will be sat next to my good friend Richy K. Chandler!

A4 CCT plan.indd

Next is my Illustrate Your Mantra on the Sunday of the festival. It is a hands on worksop will I will walk you through adapting your favourite quote, song lyric or aphorism into a full colour illustration. You can sign up for the event here and see all the other exciting events at the festival here.

Illustrate Your Mantra WEB

Lastly I was asked to draw an alternative poster for the festival in the style of a One Year Wiser page but to celebrate the range of weather you can find in the Lake District. Below is the poster and you can read more about it and the plans on how the poster will be used here.

Medaglia, M - LICAF Poster WEB

A huge very very special thanks to the wonderful organisers of the event who have done an amazing job filling Kendal with comics and supporting the comics community as a whole. See the full program for the entire festival here.


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