One Year Wiser: A 2017 Art Calendar

OYW Calendar Cover

I think it is super cool to have my art on people’s wall and to have it change through out the year. Each image adding a different tone to their world.

So with that said I am happy to reveal my first ever art calendar!! And with a calendar being a perfect way to mark a year it seemed so natural to include it as a new item in my One Year Wiser series!

One Year Wiser: A 2017 Art Calendar is available for international orders here.

Roosevelt - the purpose of life

Each month will have an exclusive coloured image that incorporates inspirational quotes from a range of different thinkers and historical figures.

Martel - life is so beautiful

Each image originally appeared in black and white in One Year Wiser: A Gratitude Journal. In the book they are meant to be coloured in by the books owner. But I couldn’t resist going back and colouring them myself to use online, as prints and now here in my calendar.

Proust - let us be grateful

Just to add to the loveliness of this calendar I also drew a different grid for each month. I wanted this to be a very special item with art created exclusively for it. Here is a sneak peek at May’s grid.


And here is the back cover of the calendar with a little preview of the art for each month!

OYW 2017 Calendar Back Cover

If you do decide to order a copy, it would mean so much! Each one will come signed by me. And if not, then thanks for having a look and maybe send the link to an interested friend. Your support is endlessly appreciated.

Here is another image from the calendar that I am posting online here for the first time!!

Wilcox - for this is wisdom

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