Another self-published Mini comic!!

Rushing From A to A COVER WEB

I am excited to announce the second book in my new series of mini comics! Rushing From A to A is the next chapter in what has become my main passion project. I am hoping to draw 8 of these little books and then hopefully find a publisher to collect them into one big little book packed with positivity and (maybe?) inspiration!!

Rushing From A to A is a tiny A6 book that is 24 pages. It is printed on lovely textured paper, is £3 and ships worldwide. You can order it here.

Here is the blurb from the back of the book:

“We are always on a mission. Striving but never really arriving. As we rush through our lives how many wonderful breathtaking moments do we miss? This book explores how we can stop trying to constantly get from A to B and instead just be.”

And below are a few sample spreads! Enjoy 🙂

Rushing From A to A p8-9 Rushing From A to A p12-13 Rushing From A to A p14-15 Rushing From A to A p18-19

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