Newest One Year Wiser book – OUT NOW!!


My newest book is out and it is very special to me! It is the first book in the One Year Wiser series that I both wrote and illustrated. It is an introduction to the wonderful practice of Mindfulness presented using comic arts and graphic design.

I worked on the book for the first five months of 2017 and created it with the hope that it would reach people of all ages but be of particular interest to teenagers who could really benefit from Mindfulness.

Here is the cover to the book!

OYW Mindfulness and You COVER FINAL

And below are four sample pages showing the four different colour schemes in the book, each associated with a different season, and the different typography that starts each of the 26 different chapters! At the end of each chapter is a little practical exercise that can be applied to the readers every day life.

Mindfulness 1 Gratitude 1 Anxiety 1 Nature 1

And here is a pic of the physical book! Which I am totally in love with 🙂

Photo 08-08-2017, 11 00 37


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