The Luna Sol Tarot is an uplifting, modern tarot card deck. ISBN 978-1-912634-00-2 * £19.99 * published September 27th 2018 from Liminal 11 Rich in traditional symbolism with a beautiful, warm colour palette, it delivers imagery that will inspire the intuition with a positive embrace.… View Post

The fourth book in the One Year Wiser series is an illustrated introduction to the life changing practice of Mindfulness. The book is divided into four sections, each relating to a different season, and in total there are 26 chapters. The chapters discuss topics such… View Post

Rushing From A to A is a stand alone book but also the next chapter in what has become my main passion project. I am hoping to draw 8 of these little books and then hopefully find a publisher to collect them into one big… View Post

This book is the result of a real passion project. The idea came to me while out on a long walk on a hill. Then, a few months later, while sitting on a bench watching the sun set on that same hill, I wrote the… View Post

This was a book that I made while working as an art editor at Jessica Kingsley Publishers. It is adapted from a fiction novel for young readers under the same title. It was originally written by Kathy Hoopmann and published in 2003. For this updated… View Post