wu wei

Wu Wei is an anthology that gives writers & artists a space to creatively explore spirituality through the medium of comics. ‘Wu Wei’ is a Taoist term meaning non-action. To practice Wu Wei is to act in a natural way and reveal one’s own nature.

Issue 2 (SOLD OUT) was 100 pages of funny and inspirational stories, illustrations, poetry, an abstract comic, origami comic and the final panel is a pull out concertina. Watch the video below for more info and to hear the artists talk about their work.


Elliot Baggott
Richy K. Chandler
Francesca Dare
Matthew Duncan
John Harris Dunning
David Ziggy Greene
Howard Hardiman
Tim Hassan
Catherine Haylock
Mark Haylock
Gil Ichiyama
Elena Jessup
Kripa Joshi
Zarina Liew
Lizz Lunney
Mike Medaglia (editor)
Tanya Meditzky
Adam Murphy
Owen D. Pomery
A. J. Poyiadgi
Alex Potts
Emmeline Pui Ling Dobson
John Riordan
Kimika Sweeney
Steven Walsh
Christian Ward
Aneurin Wright

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